Efficient & Clean Power Generation

Efficient & Clean Power Generation

Our modern and highly efficient gas and steam turbines are the heart of a brought portfolio of power generation solutions across diverse industries.



Serving the Chinese market

MAN Diesel & Turbo offers its whole range of products to Chinese customers: Low- and medium speed marine diesel engines. In addition, MAN Diesel & Turbo develops special engine variants for the Chinese market.


PrimeServ worldwide

MAN PrimeServ 7/24 Hotline: +86 139 1715 3016 (Engine), +86 186 1697 8808 (Turbomachinery)

Professional 24/7 after sales service is provided by MAN PrimeServ whenever and wherever they are needed.


A strong partner

In the field of turbomachinery, MAN Diesel & Turbo is one of the world’s three largest manufacturers of compressors, gas and steam turbines and complete turbomachinery trains.


Proven high-tech and new classics

China is one of the main markets for diesel engines and turbomachinery of MAN Diesel & Turbo. With a growing range of products MAN Diesel & Turbo supplies key components for the air separation market.

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Tradition and innovation –  MAN Diesel & Turbo in China

As early as 1898, Gutehoffnungshütte Ironworks (GHH), one of MAN's predecessor companies, shipped its first piston steam engine to Tangshan (now Hebei Province). Only few companies can look back on such long business relations with China.

China as one of the fastest growing economies belongs to the main markets for engines and machinery of MAN Diesel & Turbo. 

Today, over 600 employees work in MAN Diesel & Turbo offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Dalian, Zhoushan, Fuzhou and Shenzhen, as well as in the MAN Diesel & Turbo workshop in Changzhou, fabricating compressors, turbines, gear systems and turbochargers.

Since the first license agreement in 1980, more than 20 Chinese companies manufacture large-bore diesel engines as licensees of MAN Diesel & Turbo in China.


1898 The first steam engine is supplied to Tangshan (Hebei province).

M.A.N. builds almost all the bridges for the Shantung Railway Line.

Delivery of freight rolling stock, compressors, gas tanks, locomotives, cranes, pumps, ice machines, electric motors, printing presses etc.

 1925 The two first diesel engines (150 horsepower each) supplied to the Ta Hwa paper mill in Soochow and the Ching Ming Tai grain mill in Shasi.
 1980 First licensing agreement with the China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC/CSTC) covering the local production of diesel engines and turbochargers
 1982 The first MAN Diesel & Turbo Chinese-built engine is delivered to Zhonghua Shipyard in Shanghai. Chinese licensees have since produced more than 3000 two-stroke and 6,000 four-stroke engine sets.
 1992 15 MAN diesel engines with a combined power output of 179 MW supplied for use at a power plant in Foshan, Guangdong province.
 1993 The MAN Diesel sales office opens in Shanghai.
 2001 The first production site for turbochargers is opened in Shanghai to complement the demands from the Chinese engine builders.
 2004 The MAN Turbo sales office opens in Shanghai.
 2007 A production site for turbomachinery and a service workshop open in Changzhou.
 2010 The first RIKT assembled in Changzhou workshop was delivered to customer.
 2011 Expansion of the Changzhou production site with the new name of MAN Diesel & Turbo China Production Co., Ltd.
 2012 MAN Turbo and MAN Diesel sales offices were merged to a new company: MAN Diesel & Turbo Shanghai Co., Ltd. to provide an integrated service platform.