Efficient & Clean Power Generation

Efficient & Clean Power Generation

Our modern and highly efficient gas and steam turbines are the heart of a brought portfolio of power generation solutions across diverse industries.



Serving the Chinese market

MAN Diesel & Turbo offers its whole range of products to Chinese customers: Low- and medium speed marine diesel engines. In addition, MAN Diesel & Turbo develops special engine variants for the Chinese market.


PrimeServ worldwide

MAN PrimeServ 7/24 Hotline: +86 139 1715 3016 (Engine), +86 186 1697 8808 (Turbomachinery)

Professional 24/7 after sales service is provided by MAN PrimeServ whenever and wherever they are needed.


A strong partner

In the field of turbomachinery, MAN Diesel & Turbo is one of the world’s three largest manufacturers of compressors, gas and steam turbines and complete turbomachinery trains.


Proven high-tech and new classics

China is one of the main markets for diesel engines and turbomachinery of MAN Diesel & Turbo. With a growing range of products MAN Diesel & Turbo supplies key components for the air separation market.


MAN Diesel & Turbo is represented in all key markets and major ports with a large number of service centres worldwide. Our hubs are equipped with advanced technologies for repairs and our skilled field service managers provide first class technical support for your benefit – 24/7, 365 days a year. All united in PrimeServ: an excellent network, optimised processes, technical competence and high service-orientation.

A long service life associated with diesel engines (marine systems and power generation) dictates a spare parts programme that ensures components are available for engines in operation for decades. Based on high-capacity machines, diesel service production facilities are able to comply with special customer requests with the utmost precision and flexibility.

For all types of turbo machinery MAN PrimeServ offers the comprehensive service portfolio of gas turbines, steam turbines and compressors. We provide dedicated solutions and highly sophisticated "state-of-the-art" technology, based on our experience as an OEM to enhance reliability, availability and profitability of your products and facilities.

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Spare Parts

MAN | PrimeServ China is your easy and quick access to original genuine spare parts from the MAN Diesel & Turbo spare parts stocks in Augsburg, Copenhagen and Singapore, regardless of which MAN Diesel & Turbo product you may require high quality parts for.

We offer our customers to make the inquiries and coordination of spare part quotations and also delivery to any port around the world upon customer’s requisition, under terms of FCA, CIF or CIP.

Technical Service

MAN | PrimeServ China will aim at offering a universal range of high quality services on a professional level and in compliance with modern industry practices. The Service Center has a team of experienced Superintendent Engineers, as well as our own group of Specialist Fitters and Mechanical Fitters available for 24/7 servicing all year around, in the whole of Mainland China.

PrimeServ China can offer a great variety of maintenance / overhaul / repair / installation / reconditioning works, as well as trouble shooting on our various products, e.g. MAN B&W 2-stroke engines, MAN 4-stroke engines and MAN Turbochargers, including balancing of rotors.

We are committed to provide a full service throughout China – wherever you are, whenever it is required.

On-call service

Chinese senior rotating equipment engineers will advise and help you to find the best possible solution. Field Service specialists are available for onsite intervention.

Overhauls and repairs

Our local team of experienced mechanical and I&C engineers can carry out all tasks. Field Service and Service Workshop are working close together in order to satisfy customer’s needs.

Vibration analysis, condition evaluation

Performed by specially trained Chinese instrument engineers. Support from Competence Centre's in Europe: When required, expert back-up from Headquarters in Europe is available for special technologies such as metallographic testing, electron microscopic analysis, non-destructive testing and chemical analysis as well as design expertise.

Field Service Performance

Be it commissioning, inspection or maintenance work – our dedicated instrument or mechanical engineers will carry out all the necessary activities. On call from Shanghai or Beijing, our local experts will be on your doorstep and on time!

New Service Workshop in Changzhou

The new MAN Turbo service workshop will offer a wide range of services, ranging from normal inspections to repair jobs, for example rotor repairs, reblading and balancing of rotors.

These services are performed exclusively by highly trained engineers and mechanics according to European MAN Turbo quality standards.